Vertical Farming Is The Future, Now.

Indoor Farming: Agriculture is Shaping Up

10 MILE FARMS has developed the most advanced controlled-environment vertical indoor farming system available today. Each high-density indoor farming module—called a G CUBE—enables independent growers and communities to grow healthy, premium-quality, pesticide-free produce using skilled labor close to home.

Low Risk, High Reward

The 10 MILE FARMS turn-key vertical farming system keeps real-estate and water requirements to a minimum and eliminates dependency and risks associated with: employing seasonal, unskilled labor; changing climate; unpredictable weather conditions; and contamination and the spread of disease. We help you bring fresh, nutritious produce to your community all year round.

Each self-contained G CUBE is equipped with everything needed to start growing now. Combining 10 MILE FARMS’ proprietary water and fertilization system with state-of-the art LED technology makes plants grow much more quickly—so you can harvest five times more often than if you employed conventional farming methods.

The Problem

Economic, political, and regulatory uncertainty have created unprecedented challenges for the food industry. Food costs and availability are increasingly volatile as factors including global warming, soil depletion, water-conservation efforts, immigration policy, and rising fuel costs threaten our food supply. The food industry is ripe for change.

The Solution

Founded on the principles of environmental responsibility and sustainability, 10 MILE FARMS has developed a healthy business model for producing healthy food. The company leadership believes that investing in 10 MILE AFRMS’ solutions for overcoming the main obstacles that threaten our food supply is not only socially responsible, but can be profitable as well. The goal is to inspire and empower communities and private enterprise to reap financial gains from sowing the seeds that help overcome the socio-economic issues we face today.