10 MILE FARMS Las Vegas Center

The 10 MILE FARMS Las Vegas Center will house the company’s headquarters, training center, and an operational vertical farm to feed demand in this vibrant desert community and international tourist destination.

Working Urban Farm

The model facility will serve as the living case study for a new industry standard in urban farming. It will be a high-volume producer of premium lettuce, leafy greens, and specialty herbs for the large hotel and restaurant industries in Las Vegas. Six sterile grow rooms—each containing ten G CUBE chambers—are estimated to generate $2.25 million in sales per year.

Sales Office

The Las Vegas Center will serve as hands-on sales arena for those interested in purchasing a G CUBE. Las Vegas is home to high-profile conferences and conventions, which makes it perfect for showcasing how 10 MILE FARMS is using innovation and technology to make indoor vertical farming a reality in urban areas around the world.

The 10 MILE FARMS Las Vegas Center will also serve as the education and training center for our 10 MILE FARMS technology and production model. The training is designed for new growers, but it will be open to the general public and school organizations. Private organizations that have an interest in purchasing a G CUBE growing system for full-scale farming will also be invited to the Las Vegas Facility to observe the technology in action. 10 MILE FARMS is now in the process of completing a seed round of funding with a goal of raising $3 MILLION to launch the introductory facility. This funding will allow operations to scale quickly, augment the management team, and provide the necessary bandwidth to grow rapidly.

Las Vegas Training Center

10 MILES FARMS’ Las Vegas Center will educate and train new growers by offering a hands-on experience in a classroom setting. The focus of this training will be to guide new growers through the fundamentals of urban farming, as well as offer comprehensive training programs for operating the G CUBE growing chambers. Some training and operating support will also be done online, in live video sessions. The training center will also be open to educational organizations and community groups. Training and employing veterans as well as developmentally challenged adults will boost the facility’s presence and serve the community well. Renting out the space as a venue for open sessions or lectures will be a secondary use of the training center.

Sales Center

The G CUBE showcase sales center will be perfectly designed to display and demonstrate the functions and production cycle of the G CUBE indoor growing system. Here we can best demonstrate the technology and design of the growing chambers to potential investors and high-volume growers. This area will also be used to host any media inquiries and interviews.

Grow Rooms

The 10 MILE FARMS Las Vegas Center facility will have six grow rooms with a total of sixty G CUBE chambers. The grow rooms will be strategically seeded and harvested in a rotational pattern that will grow and deliver a continuous flow of premium produce all year round.

Las Vegas Production Capabilities

When completed, the 10 MILE FARMS Las Vegas Center will house a total of sixty G CUBE chambers.

Growing rooms will be built out in three phases. Each phase will consist of twenty G CUBE chambers. A twenty-chamber system will consistently grow 660,000 heads of produce per year, and we project a +90 percent pack rate.

When fully operational, 10 MILE FARMS’ Las Vegas Center will produce 1.8 million marketable heads of produce per annum.

Las Vegas is a perennial tourist destination. With over 40 million visitors each year, the small town in the desert has grown to have over one hundred hotels and 2,000 restaurants.

Additionally, the population of Las Vegas has nearly doubled in the last ten years. This creates an enormous demand for fresh food and produce. Since Las Vegas’ dry desert climate limits any traditional high-volume farming, wholesale buyers and fine-dining establishments are forced to source fresh produce that has traveled far distances.

Usually these items command a higher price due to transportation and delivery cost.

Our research has found that fine-dining establishments, high-end grocers, and health-conscious consumers in Las Vegas will seek out and embrace a locally grown, pesticide- and herbicide-free option for fresh produce. Based on our clients’ needs, we plan to grow our production both in volume and variety, offering a made-to-order supply of leafy greens and lettuce to fill market demands.

Target Market

  • Fine-dining establishments, hotels (food and beverage), catering services
  • High-end and specialty grocers (Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts)
  • Health-conscious consumers—sold directly in farmers’ markets
Las Vegas Marketing Strategy

10 MILE FARMS plans to target high-end dining establishments by reaching out to top-tier chefs and kitchen managers who have a constant need for fresh produce. We will focus on filling high-volume orders and special growing requests for this demographic all year round. Our competitive edge will be the ability to produce at a consistent rate and never compromise quality and quantity. The end consumer will be introduced to 10 MILE FARMS brand through his or her favorite dining establishments and will eventually seek out the product directly from specialty grocers.