Just Capitals

10 MILE FARMS offers investors an opportunity to participate in a meticulously researched and planned for-profit business venture that unites the power of market economics with social inclusion and environmental responsibility.

Analysis of the Market

The leafy green and lettuce market is now valued at over $5 billion annually. The market is expected to grow along with American’s insatiable appetite for fresh-market leaf lettuce and greens. The popularity of ready-to-eat packaged salad greens, introduced in the late 1980s, continues to fuel growth in the demand for leafy greens and lettuce in the United States. America’s War on Obesity has more people tossing aside French fries and asking for green salads when dining out.

The Solution to Our Fragile Supply Chain

The current supply chain for lettuce and leafy greens is sensitive to many variables, such as changes in the weather; water-conservation efforts; and contamination from pollutants, E. coli, and pesticides. The market is ripe for change, and 10 MILE FARMS’ alternative farming system delivers fresh, high-quality, contaminant-free produce consistently using a stable and dependable production model.

Market Strategy ~ Turning Green to Gold

10 MILES FARMS enables urban farmers to grow premium produce and high-end leafy greens to supply grocers, dining establishments, and wholesale buyers. We envision a local distribution model—theoretically within a ten-mile radius—to keep loss of nutrition and the costs of energy waste, travel time, and shrinkage associated with produce transportation to a minimum. The production and distribution models promise farmers a steady source of income and buyers an exceptional product consistently all year round.