Our Partners

Collaboration with the right partners is critical to the success of every business. At 10 MILE FARMS, we choose our partners based on the old adage “stick with the winners,” and we have built alliances with organizations that we feel represent the best in the indoor vertical farm busines

The Newmanity Foundation

The Newmanity Foundation is a nonprofit organization that certifies indoor-vertical-farming operations that meet its stringent independent-certification-process guidelines. The Newmanity Foundation certification requires a staff of highly skilled professionals in food, science, and nutrition to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the holistic indoor growing standards that meet today’s public-health and safety needs.

When the end consumer sees the Newmanity Food seal, he or she can be assured that the product is always fresh and of the highest quality.

Design to Matter

D2M | Design to Matter is a product-design company with operations in both Silicon Valley and Hong Kong that develops leading-edge products for its consulting clients as well as its own incubation efforts. With deep expertise in industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development, and manufacturing support, D2M is the ideal partner to bring our technology from the R&D lab through the manufacturing process and into the market.