Farming Is Growing Up

Using math, science, and logistics, 10 MILE FARMS empowers commercial growers with the ability to nourish crops with the perfect combination of water, nutrients, and light in a fully protected environment that promotes rapid growth of healthy, pesticide-free produce.

The modular G CUBE system was designed by a team of experts in their respective disciplines to create the ultimate in vertical-farm technology. The solution includes:

  • AEROVAPOR nutrient fogging system
  • Specialized LED lighting
  • Computerized central-control system
  • State-of-the-art robotics


10 MILE FARMS’ vertical farming system is based on the Controlled Environment Agriculture Chamber (CEAC) we call G CUBE. The innovative modular design allows fast and simple installation in commercial buildings—such as empty warehouses and vacant or under-utilized buildings—and can be easily scaled up as market demands and your business grow.


The G CUBE chamber employs a proprietary AEROVAPOR system that enables plants to grow more quickly fast and healthily without soil or an aggregate medium.

In this system, each plant is first top-fed a nutrient-rich solution, which flows down into the growing tray that supports the plant, then along the plant’s roots, and is finally collected in a reservoir.

When the nutrient solution rises to a certain level in the reservoir, the AEROVAPOR system vaporizes it into a five-micron fog that is carried by a gentle stream of fresh air directly to the roots. This promotes the growth of minuscule root hairs, which greatly increases the roots’ surface area and the plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients and to exchange gases.

The nutrient-rich vapor penetrates deep into the upper roots, supplying them with access to unlimited water, nutrients, and growth-accelerating oxygen, while eliminating the risk of rot or decay associated with overwatering.


Each plant in the G CUBE is grown in an individual tray from seed to harvest and carried on a conveyor belt through its growth cycle. This minimizes handling and exposure to contaminants. The growing trays are designed for use in the final packaging and display at retail grocers.


Plants thrive under high-efficiency LED lighting in the G CUBE chamber. An LED light lasts five times longer than high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting used in many indoor growing operations. LED lights in linear and rectangular shapes are used for even distribution of light throughout the vertical farm.

Our LED system is designed to generate only the wavelengths of light LED lights the plants in the G CUBE need for optimal growth. Since they produce very little heat, each LED can be placed closer to the plant, which promotes optimal energy transfer and allows high-density stacking in the G CUBE chamber.

The result is excellent energy efficiency and maximum yields.

Advantages Over Hydroponics

Plants require oxygen in the root zone, called the rhizosphere, in order to grow. The 10 MILE FARMS AEROVAPOR system delivers more oxygen to plant roots, stimulating growth and helping to prevent the formation of pathogens.

Studies have shown that the number of roots and root length are greater in roots that receive water and nutrients in a fog than those submersed in a water solution—even at extremely low concentrations. The AEROVAPOR system is also superior to hydroponics in its ability to deliver high levels of growth-fueling oxygen to the roots. One kilogram of water is only capable of holding eight milligrams of air—even if aerators are utilized.

CO2 Management

The 10 MILE FARMS AEROVAPOR system ensures plants have access to CO2 concentrations ranging from 450 to 780 ppm—the levels they need to perform photosynthesis. The G-Cube computer control system collects data from an in-chamber sensor and automatically adjusts CO2 levels to ensure the right mixture of CO2 is made available to plants.

Disease-Free Cultivation

In traditional soil-based and hydroponic farming, disease can spread through growth media such as soil and aggregate or through a contaminated water supply. Disease does not spread in the 10 MILE FARMS AEROVAPOR system because the plants do not touch each other, and the fog is sterile. If an individual plant does become diseased, it can be removed from the plant-support structure immediately without disturbing or contaminating surrounding plants.

The disease-free environment supports higher-density crop production than other methods of farming, including traditional soil-based and hydroponic systems.

Industry-Leading Quality Control

10 MILE FARMS is setting the bar for food-safety standards verified by third-party audits. The freshness and quality standards we have developed are consistent with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) guidelines to prevent contamination and ensure food safety.

Tickled Pink?

A lettuce plant photosynthesizes red and blue light waves most efficiently. The leaves have other pigments that capture other wavelengths, but the red and blue wavelengths are the big ones that supply the plant with the fuel it needs to grow. To save energy, 10 MILE FARMS G CUBE containers use LED lighting that only emits radiant blue and red light waves.