Water Savings

The Problem

The amount of water we use for farming is not only harming the environment, it is also not sustainable.

Did You Know

  • Agriculture consumes 70 percent of the freshwater resources globally and up to 90 percent in some part of the world with fast-growing economies.
  • In conventional farming, it takes twenty-eight gallons of water to produce one pound of lettuce.

The Solution

Aeroponics is the most water-efficient farming method in use today. It uses 65 percent less water per plant than hydroponics. The 10 MILE FARMS G CUBE AEROVAPOR system is even more water efficient.

In order to maximize yields and minimize water waste, 10 Mile Farms has developed a proprietary system called AEROVAPOR. Like traditional aeroponics, AEROVAPOR involves growing plants without planting them in soil or an aggregate medium. Instead, each plant is suspended in the air by a support structure at the base, and water and nutrients are applied to its dangling, exposed roots.

In the 10 MILE FARMS AEROVAPOR system, plants are grown in a closed environment by fogging the plant’s dangling roots and lower stem with a nutrient-rich water solution. The plant is attached to a growing tray at the crown—the location on the plant where the canopy (the portion of the plant that grows above the ground in a traditional farm) is separated from the root system. The growing tray provides support for the plant and is used through the entire cycle—from seed to harvest to display at the grocery store.