Vertical Crops

We Grow Premium Lettuce, Leafy Greens, and Specialty Herbs

10 MILE FARMS’ controlled-environment agriculture chambers, called G CUBES, support vertical farming of a wide variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. We are initially focused on growing premium lettuces, leafy greens, and specialty herbs to capitalize on current and projected market demands and prices that support a healthy return on investment (ROI).

Heirloom Seeds

10 MILE FARMS carefully selects from the finest heirloom seeds available on the market. We select seeds that have existed for a half-century or more. These are the same seed varieties your grandmother planted in her garden—the ones that existed long before the Department of Agriculture and large institutional farm operations took over our food-supply chain.

The premium seeds that 10 MILE FARMS selects produce vegetables with superior flavor and nutritional value than anything you can find at the grocery store today. Combined with the technology built into the AEROVAPOR system, these seeds produce exceptional crop yields.

Why Lettuce and Leafy Greens?

Premium lettuce and leafy greens are staples in a nutritious diet, and the demand for these products is increasing as the US population adopts healthier eating habits. There are hundreds of commercial varieties of leafy greens.

Non-GMO Farming

The essential components to growing crops in any farm system in use today are: seeds, nutrients, water, and light. The more control you have over these elements, the higher that quality and quantity of your harvests.

Many large agriculture companies spend millions of dollars developing genetically modified organisms (GMOs)—hardy plants that can grow in harsh and uncertain climates and withstand toxic pesticides. Plants are also genetically modified so that they are larger and look more appetizing, at the expense of flavor and nutrients. The many new problems associated with GMOs have given rise to the global Non-GMO Movement.

Instead of playing God and modifying the plant to fit an environment for which it is not suited, 10 MILE FARMS has created an intelligent, self-contained, and soilless climate-controlled environment called the G CUBE. Soil-free farming helps you ensure the safety of the food you produce by removing contact with potentially contaminated soil or irrigation water. And because the plants are in a chamber, there is no need for the use of toxic pesticides.